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HVAC/R Terminology:A Quick Reference Guide HVAC/R Terminology:A Quick Reference Guide
by Richard WIRTZ
An indispensable resource, this one-of-a-kind technical reference book incorporates all the HVAC/R technical terms used in the industry today.  Set up like a dictionary, it covers terms,equipment, concepts, and procedures. 
Simplified Design of  HVAC Systems Simplified Design of  HVAC Systems
A practical overview of what to consider when designing a building's heating, cooling, ventilating and humidifying systems along with their space, power, control and other requirements. Includes the latest concepts, applications, basic design problems and their solutions. Packed with examples to facilitate understanding. 
Hvac Control System Design Diagrams Hvac Control System Design Diagrams
This design manual for the practicing design engineer contains generic sequences and segments for virtually any HVAC system. The diagrams and their descriptions are grouped in three sections:primary equipment, terminal equipment and air-handling systems. The author provides details for
retrofitting, updating, or designing controls for altered systems; shows common and useful modifications to controls; and demonstrates how to create controls for peak efficiency, air quality, and energy conservation. No index or bibliography. 
Electricity, Electronics, and Control Systems for HVAC 
by Thomas E. KISSELL
Drawing from the author's 20 years professional and academic experience, this text presents basic AC and DC electricity, electrical principles, electric circuits and controls for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems. It is specifically designed to be clear and concise enough for beginners—with a straightforward writing style and numerous diagrams and illustrations—yet comprehensive and accessible enough to serve as a professional reference. 
Troubleshooting Hvac-R Equipment
Starting with the essential fundamentals this book takes a straight-forward approach to repairing and maintaining small refrigeration equipment commercial equipment and residential HVAC-R systems.  Numerous troubleshooting problems offer readers hands-on opportunity to apply knowledge utilizing tips and tricks from experienced professionals. 
Direct Digital Control for Building Hvac Systems
by Michael J. COFFIN
As simple digital systems have given way to more complex systems, demand for information on how these systems operate, how they are best applied and how they communicate with other building control systems has grown rapidly. Direct Digital Control for Building Systems, Second Edition is thoroughly updated and expanded to include coverage of the architecture of modern digital control systems, distributed intelligence networked systems, communication protocols, the technologies and issues concerning interoperability, the latest application strategies, and defensive techniques for designing and specifying control systems. Numerous illustrations
throughout help keep the subject highly accessible, and hardware, software, and systems applications are described in the most universal terms possible. This thoroughly revised second edition also contains a full section on BACnetTM standard and Echelon's LonWorksTM technology; their meaning, applications, and future implications. An up-to-date appendix is provided. Insights on emerging technologies in intelligent control systems and what the future holds for this dynamic field is covered throughout. 

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