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Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. provides quality products and excellent customer service to meet a wide variety of commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration needs. 

Always committed to the needs of the customer, Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co.  makes service available to all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the cooperation of dedicated employees. Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. is an ALARKO-CARRIER Authorized Service. 

With our trained, competent staff of office and service personnel, Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. is well-equipped to handle your commercial needs. From the smallest condensers to the largest commercial chillers, we are capable of caring for whatever you - our customer - require, be it installation or replacement or emergency service or ongoing maintenance. 

For those of you with more long-range needs, Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. has a full range of service contracts available which will help defray the costs of servicing your equipment and while maintaining them at peak operating performance, in order to save money on your operating costs and remove headaches associated with the troubles which faulty equipment can cause. No matter your situation, the size of your equipment or the extent of your operation, Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. can set up the plan for you! 

So speak with your Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. today for more details on these and other options which we can make available to you to meet your growing business's needs and concerns! 

The knowledgeable members of the Akademi Air Conditioning Service Co. family are always happy to assist customers with their air conditioning questions and needs. 

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